#100HappyDays – day 1:Electricity!

111I have always tried to be a positive person, count my blessings and be grateful for what I have in life, the people I have in my life and what I have achieved in life.

Sometimes, life however has a way of getting me down and when I fall, it just keeps kicking me. Then it becomes very difficult to find the positive and the happy things in life.

I have decided to join the #100happyday challenge  and even though I will be posting on twitter, I thought it might be nice to just elaborate and do a bit more on my blog.

This morning I am very happy about having electricity!

Typical people, we never appreciate the things that we have until it is gone. For the last week, we have really been struggling with the electricity. On Friday morning, we woke to no electricity. It had been off half the night and only came back on at about 8h00. On Monday morning, the same thing. Needless to say, I was not a very happy person as it was the first day back at work and I had (still have) flu, so leaving the house with wet hair is not a very bright idea. At least it was on Monday evening., just to go off at 11h15pm and only come back on last night at 20h45. I cannot tell you how grateful I was.

I realised again this morning just how blessed I am, I have a house that has electricity. I can have a hot shower and can watch TV, charge my phone and tablet. There are so many people who live in shacks with no running water and certainly no electricity.

That is why I joined the challenge, to once again start counting my blessings and appreciate what and who I have in life.


2 thoughts on “#100HappyDays – day 1:Electricity!

  1. such a great attitude to have 🙂 and what an inspiring challenge to join..

    am with you on the electricity! never appreciate it until you dont have it! so glad for you that it is back on now and hope that its stays on permanently…also battling with flu at the moment (weird time to get it – started on sunday night right) so really feel for you especially when without electricity! and being back at work… all i want to do is to go home and climb into bed 🙂

    get better soon 🙂


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