It’s a Rant!


As we see the end of the year, a family is saying goodbye to a little girl, their 4 year old little girl.

Little Jasmin Pretorius was kidnapped, raped and murdered by her uncle. She was found under a bed in her father’s house about 24 hours after she was reported missing by the very person who killed her.

The reports differ. Some say her bones were broken so that her uncle could try to hide on a washing machine. Her uncle initially told police that he sold her to nigerians for drugs. It seems she wa strangled by bare hands.

She was 4 years old, an innocent child, killed by the very person that was supposed to protect her, her family.

This story keeps going through my head since I first heard of it yesterday. What must that poor child endured? How scared she must have been!

I’m so angry. We live in a country which prides itself on having one of the best constitutions in the world. A constitution that prides itself on protecting the rights of children. What it does not do is protect our children! Words are all it is.

Not a day goes by that the news is not filled with stories of children being raped and murdered. A few weeks ago a 6 week old baby was raped by her uncle. 6 weeks!!!!

The government will spend its time rushing through the Protection of Information Act, the e-tolls. What happened to the specialised courts that we have been promised, courts that are to prosecute rape crimes? Instead the rapists get bail and go rape again or go free.

Who will protect our children when our government refuses to do it and worse yet, when they are not even safe from their own family!

Rest in peace Jasmin and all you innocent children who died so cruelly.

I’m sorry we let you down.


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