Fire and Brimstone

fireI haven’t really been sleeping well the last few weeks. And I’m back to having those weird dreams where I just can’t seem to make sense of them. At least I haven’t really had very bad nightmares.

I had a very restless night again last night and I was awake early this morning (probably because I am so used to getting up early). I was dozing off and had the strangest dream.

I was in a house I have never seen before but I know that it was our house. I was also in a strange place but it is a place that I knew in my dream.

I’m not sure how the dream started. All I remember was that my dad was dead and that we had to have the funeral again. I remember thinking that we already had a funeral. Why in the world would I need to have another funeral? I remember seeing my dad laying in the coffin and thinking that I can’t deal with this again, that feeling of losing my dad all over again, having to say goodbye.

I was then outside with my mom (and I think Aidan was there). I’m not quite sure where we were going but we were in town. While we were outside, in the distance, we could see what look like white balls falling from the sky. It seemed to set everything on fire when it hit the ground. The realisation hit that it was fireballs falling from the sky. I actually thought it was asteroids. I remember shouting for everyone on the street to get inside, that we would be safe there. I remember picking up Aidan and running inside a building with my mom, trying to get people inside. The last thing that I remember was that  we are actually not safe anywhere. I woke up as a big fireball hit the building that we were in, destroying it.

So much happened in that very short dream and this is really all I can remember and that keeps playing over and over in my mind. If dreams are supposed to be made up of what goes on in my sub conscious, then I can’t even begin to imagine why I would be thinking things like this.

What sort of dreams do you have?


4 thoughts on “Fire and Brimstone

  1. I have really long and drawn out dreams that usually play out like a narrative… There’s almost always some sort of struggle or panic and a bad guy/bad situation to escape from.
    I think that firing raining from the sky means you feel like a situation is coming that you can’t avoid and aren’t sure you’re equipped to face. Because I am an expert dream interpreter *rolls eyes*
    I hope you start sleeping better soon 🙂


    1. Thanks. I will take any interpretation I can. It most definately sounds like how I am feeling right now. Your dreams also sounds similar to what you have experienced. Maybe you are struggling to come to terms with it ( also says the amateur dream interpreter). Good luck with your dreams and thanks for commenting.


      1. I always enjoy trying to find meaning or explanation in dreams… though it’s easier to do with someone elses than your own! I hope your dreams take a less devastating tone for the holidays 🙂


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