Decisions, Decisions

On friday I stopped at the office for the Christmas function.

Literally as I walked into the door, I received a call from the place where I had the interview. Out of all the candidates, I was the best candidate for the job and it was mine if I still wanted it.

I asked them about the salary. Right after the interview I emailed them about my current salary and advised them that I would not be able to take a salary cut. I wanted to be upfront with them from the beginning and did not want to waste their time.

C said that she would speak to M but as he had seen my email and was offering me the position, she did not think salary would be a problem. C said that she would get back to me.

My mind was racing a thousand miles a minute and I knew that if they accepted the salary, then I would be saying goodbye to 9 years, to my other family.

C called back later to say they could not offer me the salary, that the threshold was as discussed. M however believed that there was more than enough work to take me over the 100 hour threshold. Thereafter I would get Rx for every hour that I worked over the 100 hours. Because of the work, I would easily be able to make up the difference.

The problem is that if I had received the job in the beginning of the year, there would not have been a problem as the salary would have been what I had been getting. Now a year later, with a salary increase and a salary increase again in March next year, I am effectively taking a double salary cut. Although they give me the assurance that I can make that up (and I’m really not afraid to work hard), it is a very huge risk on my part. It is a new company, a new environment to get used, the stress of a new job, I dont think I want to add to that stress by worrying over whether I have made up my normal salary.

The opportunity that the job offers is me is great in that I will be exposed to specialised commercial transactions and I will be working with tax, which I have not had much exposure to where I am working, despite doing a masters degree in tax law.

I just don’t think that I can take the risk with the responsibilities that I have at this stage. Maybe in a different time or place.


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