Update On My Interview

Bearing in mind that the last interview I went to (other than my “fit and proper” interview for the law society) was in June 2004, I was very nervous about this interview.

I tried to prepare as much as possible but the description for the position was quite brief and the law is very wide, so they could literally ask me anything.

I was expecting an old man to interview me based on his years of experience. So I was quite taken aback when it was quite a young guy, who is the boss, introduced himself to me. He doesn’t look a day older than about 35, although he has to be in his early forties.

He explained the process upfront; that although I had already been shortlisted, they still have other people to interview. I will know early next week whether I have been shortlisted further. If so, then I will be required to provide a sample of my work, they will do background checks and then decide whether they will require a further interview.

I think I surprised myself at how confident I sounded; Fake it until you make it, they say!

The boss seemed quite happy with what I was saying as he kept nodding and agreeing with me. At one stage, he mentioned that he thought I “would fit in perfectly”.

My only concern with the position is the salary. The advertisement provided a salary range which I fall in. The boss explained that the salary starts on a particular level and then when a certain amount of hours have been worked, I will then be paid per hour for any hours over that limit. This will make up the salary.

My problem is that the expected start date is in February 2014. If I stay with my current company, I will in all likelihood get in my increase in March 2014.

If I take this position, I will have to take a salary cut to last year’s salary so I will be basically be taking a double salary cut, which I can ill afford.

For now however, I will see whether I will make it to the next round and then take up the issue of the salary with them.


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