Thankful Thursday: It’s Heartbreaking

I heard a very heart breaking story from my secretary yesterday.

Last weekend her friend (let’s call him D) allowed his 7 year old son to sleep over at his friend’s house. The parents of the friend decided to go to church on Sunday and as D’s son had slept over, he was naturally going with to church.

On the way to church the family was in a car accident. D’s son was killed. The mother is in a very critical condition in hospital and apparently the doctor’s only give her 20% chance of survival. What makes this story worse is that this family lost their teenager son to cancer 3 weeks ago. Now a little boy faces losing his mother and has also just lost his friend. A broken, concerned dad has to look another father in the eyes and  tell him that his son is never coming home.

D will be collecting his son’s grade one report next week and will never be able to pat his son on the back and say “well-done, I am so proud of you”.

So today I am thankful for my family and the people that I have in my life. Thankful for another day that I have them in my life as I will never know when it will be my last day with them.


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