On Moving On


On the 1 December this year, I will have been with my current employer for 9 years.

I started my articles with him and subsequently stayed on as an associate.

Other than the relationship that I have with my family, this is the longest relationship that I have had.

My boss has always been my mentor and in a big way, he has taken over the roll of my dad. I know that he cares for me like a daughter, which is what makes this very difficult.

For various reasons, I have started applying for a new job. Not totally outside of the legal field but as a legal advisor.

Job hunting is not easy and after months of applying for various positions, I have an interview next week Wednesday.

This has not been an easy decision for me (and whilst I haven’t gone for the interview and don’t know whether I will even get the job), a part of me feels like I am betraying my boss. Although I don’t believe that I am irreplaceable, I don’t how I would even begin to tell my boss that I am leaving (that is provided I get the job). I keep worrying what effect it will have on him and his business, as I know that I do a lot of things that is outside my job description. I know that my boss trusts me.

A part of me (alright a very big part of me) is also worrying and wondering whether I am making the right decision in looking for another job. I worry whether I will regret taking another job. I worry about what will happen if the “grass is not greener on the other side” and I have given up what I have here.

I worry about the unknown and leaving my comfort zone. Other than being a tutor at university and the usual stint of waitressing and other part-time jobs, this is my first REAL job; a job I love and with people I get along with (most of the time). After all, I have spent a third of my life here.

I am a very loyal person and have always had a difficult time letting go of people and things.

Moving on has always been difficult for me.


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