DIY in December

This December, I will be spending Christmas at home, which I actually quite enjoy.

I have so many things I plan to do around the house each year and I just never quite get round to doing it! And then I beat myself up for not doing what I wanted to do.

So I have decided that this year I am going to be creative and do something different. I am going to do all those little projects that I have been promising that I am going to do.

My first project will be to make a Roman Blind for my kitchen.

diy 3

I have been promising to make one since I moved into my home but just haven’t had the time (or should I say, made the time). The curtain rod that was on the window when I moved is simply too big and keeps knocking against my cupboard when I open it.

I don’t have any pictures or any artwork on my walls, purely because I hate any sort of pictures of myself and I have been promising myself forever to have family photos taken so that I can have a photo wall.

I am also picky about paintings that I like and I can’t find the paintings that I like. The one painting that I had was damaged the weekend that I moved. I also believe that true beauty lies in simplicity so I hate having too many ornaments, paintings, pictures etc all over the place.

I have however decided that my walls are simply too bare and came across these beautiful mosaic tile photo frames that I would like to make for my passage. Needles to say, I still have to decide what pictures I will put in it but I will cross that bridge when I get there.

diy 1

Because my bedroom also gets a lot of light and faces the road, I also have a lot of light shining into my bedroom at night, despite the fact that I have dark curtains.

I have also always wanted a sort of high ceiling effect and thus decided that I want box pelmets in my bedroom. I came across this DIY box pelmet and thought it would be great for my bedroom (whether it will be easy to make is quite a different story).

diy 2

I’m pretty sure that these few DIY things are going to keep me busy for quite a while but I came across a few “tiles” that are painted black with motivational sayings written in white.

I thought that this would make a nice wall for my office so I intend to take wood and cut it in different size squares and then paint my favourite motivational sayings on it to  make a motivational wall in my office.

So that’s going to be my December. I would add to that a few  tears (most likely a lot)- I’m a perfectionist and hate it when things don’t work out; along with a number of blue fingers.

* I have added the links to the projects which can be found on the Home-dzine website, along with other DIY projects*


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