Thankful Thursday: The Things That Go Wrong.

Today is one of those days where I am tired, I am irritated, I have a nagging headache for the last week and everything that can possibly go wrong has gone wrong thus far  and its only 12h22.

Today is also one of those days that I really don’t  (or should I say can’t) find anything that I want to be thankful for.

Whilst I was (and still am) feeling sorry for myself, I realised that I can be thankful for even the things that go wrong in my life (even though I still don’t want to be).

You see, it is the things that go wrong in our life that teaches us the most, that builds our character and ultimately shapes us into the people we are. Only we can choose what to take from the things that go wrong in our lives.

When things go wrong in my life, I find strength that I often didn’t know that I had. I realise that I can overcome situations I never thought that I would overcome. I can learn from it  and can help others who may find themselves in the same or similar situations.

Whilst I haven’t quite mastered the art of patience ( especially when I am tired), I am thankful for the adversities that I face and for the lessons that I can take out of it.


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