Too Intense: I Think Not!

Perhaps todays “Daily Prompt: Intense” has come at the appropriate time- for now I need to vent.

I am certainly not surprised by the intensity of my reaction. In fact, I think I may be justified.

How do I feel? Ready to commit murder!

The one thing that you need to know about me is that my debt is always paid on time and always paid. I need not be reminded to pay my debt as I always do. In the same breathe, I hate speeding fines. I think it is a waste of money and my speeding fines in all my years of driving can be counted on one hand. That is the type of person that I am.

So when I receive a nice little notice in the mail of ” Notice of Summons to be Issued” from the metro police (traffic department) and it doesn’t include the sum of the fine because I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO BE CHARGED WITH AN OFFENCE, you can imagine that I am not a very happy person.

Add to this the fact that the offence is for driving 127 km/h in an 80km zone, you can simply imagine what my temperature is at this moment.

Let me then me then just clarify that I WAS NOT THE DRIVER OF THE VEHICLE THAT DAY– I was in fact running around at work. I had lent my car to friend that particular day. My problem is further that I have a number of vehicles registered in my name even though I am not the regular driver thereof -hence I get fines on a regular basis and have to nominate the driver.

Now imagine my further annoyance when I tried to get hold of the metro police to enquire how I can nominate a driver and they simply don’t answer their phone. They also don’t answer their emails.

I then contacted someone who deals with these matters just to be told that I cant nominate the driver- I have to appear in court on the day stipulated in the summons (when I get it) with the actual driver. I can’t go and sort it out beforehand.

This means that I have to take a day off work and appear in a criminal court (when all I try and be is a law-abiding citizen), just because some idiot cannot drive properly with my car!

So my reaction at this stage is: If murder wasn’t a crime, someone would be dead!


14 thoughts on “Too Intense: I Think Not!

  1. Ah, how frustrating! That’s so weird that they can just mail you a summons like that… It seems like a waste of a lot of money to have an actual court appearance when it could easily be handled otherwise.


    1. That was just the notification. Im still waiting for summons to be served. Very annoying tht it cant be resolved otherwise. I will see if I can sort it out. Thanks 🙂


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