Rapists cut grass

I am utterly disgusted by this article ” Kenya sentences gang-rapists to cut grass“.

Being a woman, I think that Rape is the worst sort of crime that can be committed against a woman, not to mention little and teenage girls.

In this article, a 16 year old girl was brutually gang – raped and shoved into a sewage pit. She is now wheel chair bound as her back was broken and she also suffered serious internal injuries. The article obviously does not detail the emotional injuries that will follow her around for the rest of her life. The courts in South Africa are also currently hearing the case of Anene Booysen, a girl who was also brutally raped and disemboweled. Despite these horrendous injuries, she suffered for quite a number of hours before finally succumbing to her injuries.

Every day we hear of brutal rapes and of incidences of violence against women and children; stories that send chills down my spine.

For these girls, the physical wounds will in all likelihood heal but they will forever carry the emotional scars. Their innocence is brutally taken away from them, their bodies violated in the most violent of ways. The memory of what has happened to them will never be far from their minds.

What irks me the most is that the scumbags are sentenced to cut – grass. That, is their punishment for ruining a life, for robbing a girl of her dignity, her freedom – things that she will never have again.

Women and children that have been raped, the innocent victims, are given the life sentences.

As long as we remain and look on in silence, we are condoning rape and the sentences that are ultimately imposed on these pigs (which is in itself a too kind a word)


2 thoughts on “Rapists cut grass

  1. you are right, nothing worse you can do to a woman….too heart breaking for words!

    they might get away with grass cutting now but one day we will all have to account for our actions to God and he is a just God!


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