What is beautiful?

I absolutely love this advert from Dove and it makes me think every time that it is shown.

The advert starts with a question posed to a few women: “What is the least favourite part of your body” The average response time is two seconds.

When asked “what is the most favourite part of our bodies”, the response time is “much , much longer”.

The truth is as a woman, I absolutely hate my body. I can find fault with absolutely every part of it. I hate compliments and will argue with you until I’m blue in the face as to why whatever compliment was passed my way is simply not true.

I certainly don’t believe that I am the only woman who feels this way about myself and the advert certainly shows this. Funnily enough, the parts of their body that these women criticise, I can’t always find fault with.

The question is where do these feelings come from. Growing up, my parents and family always told me I was the “most beautiful girl in the world”. They have to say that -they are family. My cousin had me in tears in grade 1, when he told this to me on  the bus home.  I quickly ran to tell my mother of the “awful” lies my cousin was spreading.

Is it that we as women spend too much time comparing ourselves to the skin and bone models on TV and in magazines. Is that what we classify as beautiful? Is it the fact that the society we live in, social media, TV and almost everything that we come across portrays a version of beauty that we feel we simply cannot measure up to? Do we really strive to live up to that photoshopped version of perfection.

I think that deep down we do.

I think that we have let society dictate what is beautiful and in so doing, we have lost the beauty that is to be a woman.

True beauty comes from accepting ourselves for who we are; unique and beautiful in our own way. This is a lesson I am hard pressed to learn and struggle with every day!.


4 thoughts on “What is beautiful?

  1. Probably why the plastic surgery & beauty industries are so huge… The Dove study in 2010 revealed that only 4% of women considered themselves beautiful!!

    IJacqui O’Bree a life coach here in jhb gave a couple of tips on how to help women to feel beautiful..

    1. Focus on your beauty

    Write down five aspects of your body and face that are beautiful – don’t stop until you find at least five things!
    Share these five aspects with a friend, partner or colleague.
    Fully appreciate these five aspects and love your body from head to toe.

    2. Identify your uniqueness

    What about you makes you stand out?
    Ask a friend, partner or colleague “What makes me unique?”
    Write down what she/he says, keep it in your pocket, stick it on your bathroom mirror and read it every day.
    Silence your inner critic.
    Accept compliments without judgement.
    Celebrate your own unique beauty.

    3. Admire your inner beauty

    Consider your inner beauty – what do you think your best friend admires about you?
    What qualities and characteristics do you admire about yourself and are you most proud of?
    Write down at least five qualities and characteristics you are proud of.
    Your inner beauty and strength is reflected to those around you.
    Get in touch with what makes you beautiful inside and remind yourself of those qualities – realise your full beauty potential.

    4. Change the way you speak about yourself

    Words have incredible power in our lives, so stop criticising yourself.
    Change the words you use to describe yourself to change how you think, feel and how you live.

    5 .Realise how beautiful you really are

    Move on and forgive yourself.
    Let go of the memories, the pain and regrets that are holding you back from seeing how beautiful you really are.
    Be a kind and supportive friend to yourself.
    Treat yourself with compassion, understanding, love and support.
    Realise that you really are beautiful.

    sounds like sound advice 🙂


  2. hi 🙂 personally speaking…not only limited to ladies…men too but probably just not talked about as much..

    i agree with you 100% “True beauty comes from accepting ourselves for who we are..” but you are so right – very very very hard to do 😦

    i love that fact that what is beautiful or attractive to me (inner & outer) is not necessarily the same for someone else…can you imagine if we all were attracted to the same things and people! no thanks 🙂


    1. I hear you and you are so right, I actually didn’t think men go through this.

      Jip what a boring world we would live in if we all liked the same things and people 😉


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