Express Myself- Not Today!

This is the time of the year where I am most tired and at my most irritable. Add to this the fact that I am not sleeping well and the slightest thing will set me off or rile me up the wrong way.

I always try to think before I speak and consider the impact or effect that my words will have on the person that I am speaking to. Growing up, my mother always used to say that what you say causes more damage that any physical harm to a person. Harsh words are also always the hardest things to forgive.

But when I’m tired and irritable, I say things in the heat of the moment and really just say things how I see it without considering the impact that this may have on the person that I am speaking to.

So although the purpose of this daily prompt is to tell about a time that we couldn’t find the words to express ourselves and what that barrier was, I am putting a self imposed barrier on expressing myself whilst in this mood, because I certainly won’t have a problem on expressing myself.


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