On Regrets, Dear Child


Regrets, Dear Child, we all have, but its the lessons that we ultimately take from them that will determine whether we will succeed or not in life.

My one regret is simply growing up too fast, wishing and wanting to be an adult; to have my own house, my own car, a career. You see, in wanting to grow up fast and have everything the adults have, I wished away the simplicity of childhood. My regret lies in never simply being a child and enjoying everything that a child should enjoy.

As it was growing up, I had a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and being the person that I was, I worried about everything my parents worried about (no matter how much they told me not to).

A child should be carefree (to a point) and worry about school, exams, friends, clothes, video games and what to do next that’s fun. Trust me, school has nothing on work and when you are an adult, you will long for the days when you were a child.

Enjoy your childhood while you can Dear Child. Be carefree, Have Fun, Laugh and do those silly things that children do. Very soon (and in the blink of an eye), you will be an adult with all the responsibilities that go with it. Then you will have to worry about feeding your family, paying your bond, paying for your car, keeping your job and so much more. You have your whole life to be an adult and only 18 years to be a child.

*This post was written in response to “The Daily Prompt: Childlike” *


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