You, oh Life, are like a hurricane, a raging storm of turmoil, destroying everything in your path. You have tossed me overboard; watched as I tiredly tried to swim; the swelling, tumultuous ocean dragging me under, my lungs desperately begging for air. You smashed my body, beaten and bruised, against the rocks.

You, oh Life, have seen me broken; in the deepest, darkest, pits of despair. You have seen the unshed tears and the silent screams. You know of the constant concern and worrying tearing into my soul.

You, oh Life, have also seen me.

You know that I will not be defeated. You know that when I have reached rock bottom, I will start to climb again. You know that no matter how broken I am I will stand tall.

You see, dear Life, the victory does not lie in winning the war but in winning the small battles along the way.

I may not win every battle, but with each one, I learn and adapt so to rise to the new challenge.

And whilst I know dear Life, that Death will be the final battleground; I want you to know that I will welcome Death with open arms knowing that I had a life well-lived, that I won many a battle. That I never let you, hard as you may have tried, defeat me.

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