The naked truth is I hate public speaking. I have always hated public speaking.

By nature, I am a shy and quiet person, an introvert (people that really know me will disagree). When in a group of people, I often listen more than I speak. I only really show who I really am when I am really comfortable with a person or people who I have known for years.

I’m also not the type of person who can easily walk up to a person and start a conversation or make small talk.

However, my chosen career is made up of addressing a magistrate or a judge with a room full of people listening. It also sometimes involves testifying, which I have also had to do and speaking to strangers and clients all the time. My hatred of public speaking is certainly something I have certainly had to learn to overcome.

Have I overcome it? No but I think I put on a pretty good show.

The problem is that no matter how confident I come across, I always feel naked. I feel naked when meeting new people, naked when addressing the court in argument, naked almost all the time. I say naked in the sense that I always feel that people are forming an opinion of me and to do so, they need to undress me in the metaphorical sense. Everything I do is scrutinised, albeit by the client, a third party, an advocate or a judge and that makes me feel naked and exposed.

*This was written in response to the daily prompt: NAKED WITH BLACK SOCKS*


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