From the time that I started school and could read, I lost all interest in toys.

My life belonged to books.

I spent every moment that I could huddled in readingmy room reading, living new adventures with each new book. With each book, I became someone else, living a life of mystery, magic or romance until the last page was turned. I explored many places and met many wonderful people. I laughed, I cried and I solved many a mystery. I lived a life many would only dream of.

Reading was my escape into another world, often a place of happy endings and promises of ever after.

My love for reading continues, even though I spend my days reading for work. I however have to limit myself to only reading on weekends or holidays because once I start a book I can’t stop reading until it is finished.

The toys I left and leave for the boys in my life.

*written in response to daily prompt*


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