Sweet September marks the beginning of spring, a season I absolutely love!

I love the flowers in bloom and the birds singing in the trees. I love seeing the butterflies and even the bees. With spring comes new life, new beginnings, the promise of good things to come. Everything always seems brighter and more cheerful in spring.

September also marks the beginning of a few months of painful memories and nostalgia.

September signifies another anniversary of my father’s death and I am reminded of the few weeks that he was ill. It also signifies the anniversary of my gran’s death.

October signifies the anniversary of my father’s funeral. He was cremated on my brother’s birthday. My grandfather then passed away nearly three years ago a day after my brother’s birthday. My parent’s anniversary is the day after that.

November signifies the last conversation that I had with Yolandi and the day that she was hospitalised. November is a particularly bittersweet month with it being Devon’s and Jekita’s birthday as well. Each year as we celebrate Jekita’s birthday, we are reminded of our loss.

December signifies the anniversary of Yolandi’s death and her funeral was on my mother’s birthday. December is also the anniversary of my aunt’s death, a mere 3 days before Christmas.

As the end of each year approaches, I am always overwhelmed by feelings of trepidation. It is also a reminder of how another year has passed and how life goes on without these people in my life.



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