The one thing my mother taught us while growing up is to be careful of our words and what we say to others.

Words, you see, have the power to build someone up or break them down. Words hurt us; more than the physical pain that often heals, words leave behind wounds that may never heal.

Sometimes a kind word may save a life or make someone feel important again or know that they are loved.

I was reminded again this weekend of the power that our words have the people around us.

I didn’ realise that the people in my life needed to hear the simple words like “thanks”. It is such a small word but they just wanted to be acknowledged for the things that they do, the big and small sacrifices that they make and that they feel go unnoticed. A small word that says so much, that says “I appreciate you.”

A few more words that I realised that they need to hear is “I’m proud of you”. Words that say “I see how hard you work, how far you have come and you did good!”

We are so quick to tear each other down with our words. What a difference we could make if we could build each other up with our words!


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