I feel angry, upset, disillusioned but mostly I just feel disappointed.

Disappointed because I give my absolute best, my all to my family, my friends and to my work; yet it feels like I get absolutely nothing in return.

I don’t ask for a lot – I have always only asked for the simple things: to be loved and respected.

It’s the simple things like asking for something small and the people who profess to love me conveniently forget about what I ask them to do for me.They however are quick to ask, to get and then forget the sacrifices I make for them, often to my own detriment. How quick people forget how I much I give them and how much of myself it costs me in the long run.

Disappointed because those very same people are quick to profess how much they love me and how I mean the world to them. Yet their actions show that I simply mean nothing.

And mostly, I am disappointed in myself for allowing myself to buy into those lies time and time again.

The only person who ever gets hurt? ME!


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